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Our Coaching staff is overseen by Director of Coaching Tim Betts who is a Nationally A Licensed Coach with an exemplary record of developing both players and coaches. 

Tim Betts, A license

U9 2014 Boys 
U10 2013 Boys 
U11 2012 Boys Lucky Mkosana, B license
U12 2011 Boys JB Belton, C license

U13 2010 Boys Jeff Hernden, C license
U14 2009 Boys Tony Ciaramaglia, D license

U15 2008 Boys Terry Pledger, D license
U16 2007 Boys
U17 2006 Boys Jorge Rodriguez, D license

U9 2014 Girls Kamal Fountaine, D license
U11 2012 Girls
U13 2010 Girls Carlos Silva, D license