Mutiny Player Development Academy (Ages 6-10) MPDA


North Manatee Soccer is striving to provide an arena not offered by many competitive soccer clubs, a level by which youth can enter an environment in which they experience the world of competitive soccer without necessarily being within it.

North Manatee Soccer Player Development Academy is meant for those youths who excel in the recreational league and have an interest to understand what it takes to play competitive soccer. Additionally, their parents to have a greater appreciation and understanding of the world of competitive soccer. Having this experience on both the youth and parental side, through this program, affords both the family to determine a potential future path within competitive soccer.

The concept behind this program

  • Each week, for a three-month period, coinciding with the recreational soccer league play, there will be a single practice each week that introduces youth kids to competitive style soccer practices, as well as what competitive coaches are looking for in their players.
  • The youths will have the opportunity to play soccer games with other youths their own age and see first-hand, through on field experience.
  • During this three-month period, the youth will have an opportunity to get to know and work with competitive coaches on a personal level who can provide insight for them in terms of their development.
  • This program affords education for parents such that they can understand the more technical parts of our competitive side soccer including topics such as league play, tournaments, team managers, referee fees and how competitive soccer club hold their tryouts.
  • As the new competitive season is underway with tryouts, those from this program interested in competitive soccer have the opportunity to try out to take the next step in their development.  By being a part of this program, the competitive soccer coaches have a better sense of the development of the youth over this 3 month period.


Developing players through soccer specific training will only provide improvement in technique, tactics, and physical maturity. The complete player includes psychological and social development.

Player – integrity, sportsmanship, excellence, and being humble

Coach – excellence and commitment to the development pathway, no one is too big for any job.

Club transparency, leadership, and putting the youth as the importance of youth sports



A holistic approach to all round player development. A development program where players can learn about competitive soccer in an environment free from pressure. The mindset developed in the player is open to making mistakes and learning from their experiences.



To provide a fun, safe, quality soccer experience for all youth who desire to participate.

To develop all of our players to the best of their ability.

To promote excellence in sportsmanship and conduct in all players, coaches, referees and parents.

To offer education and training in all facets of the game for players, coaches, referees and parents.


Jennifer & Michael Pomatto

"Our daughter Camryn played one season of Spring recreational soccer and enjoyed being a part of the North Manatee Soccer family. She then joined the U8 MPDA in the fall and her confidence has grown so much and she loved every minute of it. She has learned the game, the different positions, how to function as a team and all around came out of her shell. Coach Ward is an amazing coach who is extremely knowledgeable, takes his time with each child, helps them to understand what soccer is about, how teams work together, teaches skills the kids need to excel and makes it fun. We would absolutely recommend joining the development academy and we look forward to continuing with this great program next season!"

Elyssa C

"My son was in the MPDA program this fall. When he started the program he loved soccer, but only knew how to kick the ball to the goal. Coach Ward was able to explain the different positions and how to control the ball. My son went from always looking at the coach to tell him what to do, to being able to understand the different positions in the game that he played. He learned how to play forward and attack the ball. He was able to play defense and keep the other team from making a goal and he even got to experience what it was like to be goalie. In these past few months, my son has shown a huge improvement and has gained more confidence. He would leave practice tired, but always had a smile on his face and couldn’t wait till the next practice. Coach Ward made practice enjoyable for him and really knows how to coach the kids to help them understand soccer. Thank you for this wonderful season! "

Joshua and Michelle Slivon

"Milo has been in the Mutiny Player Development Academy (MPDA) for the past two years and has really enjoyed it. This program has given him a better understanding of play and also has greatly improved his technical skills. Most importantly, Milo has learned how to play as part of a team as no one player carries the team alone. Coach Ward has excelled in providing quality education and teaching to players and parents within the program, he is very dedicated and passionate. We would wholeheartedly recommend the MPDA to anyone who wants their child to grow both technically and confidently in the game of soccer. "