Payment Plans

**Note** If your player is selected for a Mutiny team a non refundable $200 Deposit will be due with 24 hours of Selection notification to secure the players spot on the roster. 

North Manatee Mutiny Soccer offers the following payment plan options: 

OPTION 1. Payment in full at the start of the season

OPTION 2. Six Monthly payments Aug through Jan (plus a 3.25%  convenience fee) auto debited on the 15th of every month


Payments are accepted in the following forms:

Credit Card setup on automatic re-occurring payments through your sports engine  account

Cash/Check (option only available for payment in full, payment to be made in office only)

If your account falls in a “delinquent” payment status the follow steps will take place:

Player will receive notification that they are in default of their financial obligation to the Club. Player will have a reasonable time, not to exceed five days, to come into compliance. If player fails to come into compliance, player’s eligibility will be revoked and the player’s card will be held by the Board of Directors VP.

The player in question will not be permitted to engage in any Mutiny activity effective the date of the player notification. This will include, but not be limited to, all practice sessions, training sessions, sanctioned league games, scrimmages, skills clinics and club social events.

Player may be placed in a “delinquent” status with the affiliate

In order for the player to return to “good standing” status with the Club and affiliate the remaining player’s balance must be paid in full, as well as, any re-instatement fees deemed appropriate. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Soccer is a team sport; a player makes a commitment to the team at initial registration, as well as to the affiliate for the entire season. To be considered for a player release a request must be made in writing and the player’s registration fee must be paid in full. There will be no pro-rated fees for any player released from the club before the season ends. The Executive Board of Directors will review all written request for final approval, if approved and you are in a “paid in full” status your child’s player card will be released from the club.